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Celia Visser explains how she and other independent designers began meeting for casual get-togethers and product knowledge meetings in 2001. The idea of formalising the group was discussed in more detail and the Independent Designer Group Ltd was then established.

"Being able to come together Öto assess new products entering our market every month, gives us a great opportunity to explore the materialís potential and thereby produce cutting-edge designs."

Robyn Bartlett agrees. "My clients love the fact Iím part of a greater group of like-minded designers. I enjoy all the benefits of working independently yet Iím linked with a creative team to keep me inspired and up with the latest innovations."

"We are all very design focussed and creative," says Nicola Cumming. With numerous awards, published works and accolades amongst us, we are all really well respected in the industry by other designers and trade suppliers."

"In fact we are proud of the working relationships we have with Ö our suppliers such as The Laminex Group, Bosch, Hettich, Interion, Sanco, and Burns & Ferrall and we use their products in the most innovative and exciting ways we can".

Toni Roberts believes that IDG is beneficial to her design work and helps maintain her high public profile. "As there is no hierarchy within the group, we each contribute in the areas of our strengths to achieve a far greater result than had we done it alone. It really is Group Strength, Individual Flair!"

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